Oct 15

On-Screen Vs. Off-Screen




Downton Abbey Actors: On-Screen Vs. Off-Screen

well that was rather fun.

and naturally this only makes me adore bates all the more.

link found via thedailywhat

Hipster Thomas can get it.

Surprise, Lavinia is still unsalted butter on wonderbread with the crusts cut off soaked in fat-free half and half.

You made poison out of beans, yo.

Lana Del Rey’s Publicists Force Thought Catalog to Remove Post, Republished on Hipster Runoff


This may be the funniest media story of 2012 yet. It involves two of the most patently ridiculous blogs on the entire internet, one of which cowered in fear at some overzealous publicists, who made their cause only worse by asking for the removal of a blog post, which the other ridiculous blog has now published.

A joint statement was issued by Del Rey, Thought Catalog, and Hipster Runoff. It read simply: “We are the worst.”

Your Mom’s a Blog

Places I Have Heard the Ocean | Faith Shearin


In a cat’s throat, in a shell I hold
to my ear — though I’m told
this is the sound of my own
blood. I have heard the ocean
in the city: cars against
the beach of our street. Or in
the subway, waiting for a train
that carries me like a current.
In my bed: place of high and low
tide or in my daughter’s skates,
rolling over the sidewalk.
Ocean in the trees when they
fill their heads with wind.
Ocean in the rise and fall:
lungs of everyone I love.